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Logistical challenges in a fast-moving world


Michael Fellermeier


F.: Hi Michael, in logistics you are the final interface between the goods and the customer. How do you see your task and how do you deal with this responsibility?

That's right, we are very aware of this special responsibility. The customer should associate a positive experience with our company. For us, that means speed in delivery, proper packaging that is safe for transport and, of course, shipping the right goods and quantities.

In order to live up to our claim, we have different quality standards:

  • 4-eyes principle before shipping
  • Photo documentation for quality assurance
  • Clean warehouse management with tidy workplaces
  • Digital item number with inventories with scanner

By scanning the goods when storing and removing the goods, we have reduced shipping errors and the associated complaints by almost 100%. A great success.

F.: When does your working day start and how do you organize yourself as a team?

The first employee starts at 6 a.m. and starts preparing the delivery notes. This work is important because it allows colleagues to start picking and preparing for shipment at 7 a.m., after a welcome coffee. We attach great importance to smooth processes and clear responsibilities in the team. However, everyone should be able to take over the work of the other in the event of a replacement case.

F.: Despite your young age, you are already an "old hand" in this area. Have you noticed a change in customer expectations? Was it easier before?

Yes, indeed, work has become more fast-paced. Parcels used to be on the road for a good 5 days, while today the goods have to be with the customer within a very short time, as they are often processed directly there. It is all the more important to clearly prioritize and not to postpone urgently expected goods to the next few days. On request, we can provide the customer with a tracking ID for tracking the package, so that he knows the current shipping status at all times.

F.: How do you manage the balancing act between our promise of quality and the speed of processing. What challenge do you see in this?

As already mentioned, digital processes in warehousing and clearly defined areas of responsibility help. Our employees are very well trained and help each other. so that no deliveries have to be postponed, even at peak times.

F.:  How important is it to have fun at work, especially in a small team?

Very very important. Especially in such a small team, the only thing that really works is trust and having fun at work. Our key to this is a relaxed working atmosphere with a lot of tolerance and freedom. But that's only possible because we work well together and can rely on each other. Open communication is also very important. Mistakes happen, dealing with them honestly is crucial.

F.:  Last but not least - what is your #MotivationMonday tip when the drive is missing?

I look forward to driving my dog ​​Buffy to work on Mondays and seeing my colleagues, and I hope the others feel the same way.