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Shielding foils made of VITROVAC®

We have shielding foils of various widths in our range.

What are shielding foils made from Vitrovac?

VITROVAC 6025X is a cobalt-iron alloy, with a cobalt content of approx. 75%, produced in a rapid solidification process. In rapid solidification, the liquid melt is sprayed directly onto a rapidly rotating copper wheel. This gives a cooling rate of > 1 million kelvin per second (10E6 K/s), directly resulting in a very thin tape, roughly 23 to 25 µm in thickness. The structure is amorphous, comparable to glass. Due to its low thickness and very high permeability, the amorphous VITROVAC is suited to the smallest applications where low-frequency interference must be eliminated.

Which shielding foils made from Vitrovac do we have in our portfolio?

VITROVAC foils are available with a maximum width of 50 mm. We have a variety of widths in our range. Special widths are available upon request. We offer foils either with or without an adhesive coating. The foils cannot be folded/creased/bent. Therefore, only simple geometric shapes such as discs, rings or rectangular parts are possible. These shapes are generally customer-specific.

Advantages of shielding foils made from Vitrovac

The big advantage is the low space requirement and the low thickness. At 23 to 25 µm, it is usually easy to find space for it. The foil may save you from having to redesign a device. In this respect, VITROVAC 6025X can save a development or prevent a massive deadline delay.

Applications of shielding foils made from Vitrovac

If the space/room and the device are very small, VITROVAC foils are the perfect solution when low-frequency magnetic interference/fields need to be eliminated or drastically reduced.