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Shielding foils made from mu-metal

We have shielding foils in various designs in our range.

What are shielding foils made from mu-metal?

MUMETALL® is a brand name of the manufacturer Vacuumschmelze and belongs to the group of soft magnetic nickel-iron alloys (NiFe). The nickel content is 80% with an induction Bs of 0.8 T. MUMETALL® is used for the shielding of low-frequency magnetic fields, for the production of magnetic cores, in current sensors and current transformers. MUMETALL® foils and sheets have a standard material thickness of 0.05 mm (50 µm) and 0.1 mm (100 µm).

Which shielding foils made from mu-metal do we have in our portfolio?

We offer mu-metal shielding foils in the thicknesses 0.05 mm (50 µm) and 0.1 mm (100 µm). The largest foil width available is 260 mm. Any smaller widths desired – such as 155 mm, 91 mm and 50 mm – can be cut as required by the customer. With an adhesive coating, which we offer as an option, the foils can be applied or fixed very easily.

Advantages of shielding foils made from mu-metal

The big advantage of the thin foils is they are easy to handle. The foil material can be cut into shape with standard scissors. Mu-metal shielding foils are perfect for initial trials, for finding solutions quickly. The version with an adhesive layer allows the foil to be easily applied precisely where it is needed. If a foil thickness is not sufficient to eliminate a fault, a second or even third layer can be applied quickly and easily.

Applications of shielding foils made from mu-metal

The foils are used where a low-frequency magnetic field (in the range of approx. 0.1 Hz to 1,000 Hz) has disturbed the proper functioning of a device or circuit. This is mostly the case in very compact and small designs. Here, the thin foils enables flawless functioning without a costly redesign.


  • Low-frequency transducers, current transformers, magnetic current sensors (core material)
  • Shielding of magnetic interference fields in electronic devices (thin sheets)