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Shielding cups

We have cylindrical and cuboid shielding cups made of MUMETALL® in our range.

What are shielding cups?

Shielding cups are a special type of shaped part. Traditionally, shielding cups were deep-drawn parts; i.e. they were manufactured in a deep-drawing process. These deep-drawn cups were used for transformers (50 to 400 Hz) with M sheets and SM tape-wound cores.


  • The RB series (RB = round cup) for M sheets of M 20 to M 55
  • SM tape-wound cores from SM 30 to SM 55 and QB series (QB= cuboid cup) for M sheets from M 20 to M 102 and SM tape-wound cores from SM 30 to SM 102b

Nowadays, shielding cups are customised designs.

What service does Haug offer in the field of shielding cups?

Here we offer you a complete service: we procure the materials required for the manufacturing process and supply the finished product. Your one-stop shop. We have well-established processes and production capabilities.

Applications of shielding cups

Wherever low-frequency magnetic fields/interference (0.1 to 1,000 Hz) needs to be excluded/suppressed. The shielding cups ensure the proper functioning of the devices or system.

Advantages of shielding cups

They help/enable compact system/device designs that would otherwise not have been possible. The shielding cups can sometimes remove the need to redesign a device. In this respect, shielding cups can save a development or help to prevent a massive deadline delay.