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Shaped parts

Upon request, we can produce any shaped parts to your specifications.

What are shaped parts?

"Shaped parts" is an umbrella term for anything that is shaped, formed or moulded. There are shaped parts made of wood, metal, plastic, ceramic etc. We use shaped parts with metallic materials in components. To produce our shaped parts, we use mu-metal: an 80% nickel-iron alloy in thicknesses from 0.35 to 3 mm. The thicknesses 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 mm are mostly used. The material Cryoperm is also used: a material optimised for low temperatures, such as liquid nitrogen (approx. 77 K) or liquid helium (approx. 4.2 K).

Which shaped parts do we have in our portfolio?

Generally speaking, our shaped parts are customised parts. They are produced according to a customer's drawing or specification. Depending on the requirement/specification, we offer these parts in punched, laser-cut or welded designs. We offer simple round stamped parts as well as complex round housings with various openings, from a welded production process.

Applications of shaped parts

Our shaped parts are used where special requirements have to be met in terms of magnetic shielding behaviour/magnetic insensitivity.


  • In the medical field and in research for low-temperature tests or compact and small designs of different electronic devices which would not be possible without these "interference-suppression" shaped parts.
  • The material Cryoperm is used in the low-temperature range and thus mainly in research, e.g. at the Max Planck and Fraunhofer institutes and at universities and colleges.

Advantages of shaped parts

The shaping process is highly variable. Our aim is always to implement the customer's wishes and specifications as closely as possible. Optimised production processes can be used to suit the specific size and material thickness required.