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Current-compensated suppression chokes

Our current-compensated suppression chokes offer very good suppression characteristics in compact sizes as well as minimal temperature sensitivity for a comprehensive range of requirements.

What are interference suppression chokes?

Suppression chokes are used to prevent or dampen the effects of interference. The interference is dampened or filtered out at the throttle. Due to the rapidly increasing modern power electronics, both in the household and in industry, more and more unwanted interference is occurring. If interference was not suppressed / attenuated, then many devices would no longer function without impairment. Magnetic interference suppression, with the help of chokes, is an essential factor in suppressing interference.

What kinds of suppression Chokes do we manufacture?

There are two groups/types of interference suppression chokes. The PFC chokes and the linear interference suppression chokes or also filter chokes. These have a winding and are realized with cores made of powder composite materials. The second and much more important group are the so-called current-compensated radio interference suppression chokes (SKD) or CMC (Current Mode Chokes). These have two, three or four windings. The preferred core material is VAC's nanocrystalline VITROPERM. With VITROPERM, excellent damping properties can be achieved in a small volume.

Areas of application of interference suppression chokes

Wherever modern power electronics with their semiconductors are used. With this technology, energy can be controlled and converted with very low switching losses. However, the fast-switching semiconductors cause considerable network disturbances.


  • Switching Power Supplies (SMPS)
  • Converters for drives
  • PV inverter
  • EV charging stations
  • Battery chargers
  • Inverters for welding machines
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Telecom Power Supplies
  • Wind generators
  • Automotive applications
  • Induction hobs

Advantages of interference suppression chokes

  • Extremely broadband damping behavior
  • Compact design
  • Low power dissipation
  • Little use of materials
  • An extensive standard range of interference suppression chokes (SKD / CMC) made of VITROPERM material is available